Surreal sculptures by Francesca Dalla Benetta

Open me


43 x 27 x 17 cm (HxWxD) - 4 kg

Single piece

Ceramics and inks


Open me is a ceramics sculpture of a fantastic double bust, where the faces are small doors.

In the artist conception, this piece resemble a surrealistic image of children faces, that can be opened as small cupboards.

The concept is about how much every person is willing or able to open herself to others: sometimes we prefer to sty “closed” not to reveal too much of ourself and so, stay safe. To be an open book means to be vulnerable, and it is when we can be hurt.

This is one of my experimental ceramic sculpture.
it is inspired by Dalí’s drawers and by Studio Ghibli’s characters, 2 differents kinds of art that are dear to me.
I wanted a piece with which the viewer could interact: you can open the faces as little doors.

This piece is an experimental one: Francesca doesn’t use very often ceramics, but this time she wanted to use a very traditional material for a very conceptual piece.

This artwork is a unique piece.

Ceramics is a very particular choice for Francesca, check other pieces in the same materials: Realidad Virtual, My New Hat, Think Different

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