Surreal sculptures by Francesca Dalla Benetta

Touch me


21 x 24 x 20 cm (HxWxD)

3 kg

Single piece

Epoxic clay, telephone


TOUCH ME is a sculpture of an old jar with fingers. It is part of a series of pieces from found objects, intervened with sculptural and pictorial techniques.

These objects, which once belonged to someone else and had a use, a function or a meaning, take on a new life again, disassembled, reinvented, decontextualized and changed with an artistic action.

The artist temporarily appropriates them and adds a new metaphorical, allusive, conceptual and at the same time aesthetic function: the perfect object in an absurd and surreal world. Francesca seeks to create with this new series a space for reflection on the value and function of objects in everyday life.

The artist declares, “An object is not only an inanimate thing, but it takes value in our lives due to our projections about its value (economic, affective, sentimental), to the intimate meaning that we attribute to it. When the value of the object is modified in our eyes, or certain priorities change, we do not dispose of it. The object is thrown away, given away, sold. Maybe someone will give you a new life. Me too.”

Also, this serie is very sensorial, Francesca imagines that the objects are alive, and demand to be used, touches, felt.

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