Surreal sculptures by Francesca Dalla Benetta

Con il cuore in gola


75 x 33 x 28 cm (HxWxD) - 7 kg

Single piece

Resin and inks


 CON IL CUORE IN GOLA is a resin sculpture of a woman with flower hair, a heart and a brain in her hand.

This piece was made in the frame of a special project called Corazón Latente, means “beating heart”, memorizing heart surgery and medicine.
The artist wanted to talk about different things.
The tittle in Italian means “with the heart in my throat”, which represents that feeling of fright and anguish accompanied by palpitations. It can only be a sensation or a heart problem.
Also, Francesca plays with the brain in the hands of the character and the heart outside her chest, meaning that sometimes we confuse the logical reasons with the reasons of the heart, and we cannot be clear.
Also, scientists discovered that the hearth has neurons, so it can “think” on its own way. The symbolism of this piece is layered and complex.

This piece is hand painted with oil colors.
The heart can be removed and the brain is also mobile.

This is a unique piece and there is no other like it.

From the same collection you can see La Niña y el Dragón

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