Surreal sculptures by Francesca Dalla Benetta



49 x 15 x 15 cm (HxWxD)

7 kg

Series of 6



KALI is a female bronze sculpture, composed of multiple pairs of hands.

Francesca was inspired by Kali, who in the Hindu religion, is the feminine part of Shiva, the god who destroys and renews the universe.

This piece has the peculiarity of modification by placing the 4 pairs of hands in different positions, this changes the sculpture.
It is an "emotional" piece, where you can show your state of mind due to the possibility of modifying and personalizing it.

Some examples of different positions are showed in the photos.

The patina is a green and black, with a particular burned effect. Hands are dark with golden fingers.

The size includes the base.

As the piece is available on request, allow 3-4 weeks to be shipped. The discount price will be respected as long as the order is placed before 1st Jn 2023

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