Surreal sculptures by Francesca Dalla Benetta

La bambina e il lupo


51 x 14 x 11 cm (HxWxD) - 5 kg

Single piece



LA BAMBINA E IL LUPO is a bronze sculpture of a woman with a wolf and a house on her flower hair.

This piece is about the story of Little Red Riding Hood and how, this time, the child has grown up in a beautiful and smart girl, and now she “owns” the wolf character: she made a hat out of it, wearing it as a part of herself.

This piece is part of a special collection Francesca Dalla Benetta started in 2018, called Customs and Identities, and it is a reflection about how many costumes we wear in front of people, the society, family and so on. We have roles that are different for each person we meet in life, so we try to adapt and respond to that particular role. Sometime we align, sometimes we react. That’s how we build our personality.

This piece has a black and green patina with golden details, polished to reveal the natural bronze color.

The black patina is made from the green one, after the burning process, so magical and mystical.

This piece is a unique piece

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