Surreal sculptures by Francesca Dalla Benetta

Prueba de vuelo


80 x 33 x 28 cm (HxWxD)

25 kg

Single piece



PRUEBA DE VUELO is a bronze sculpture of a woman with an aviator helmet and a bird in her hands. She lifts delicately a wing as she is studying its anatomy, in the attempt to understand about the art of flight.

Prueba de vuelo means “Flight test” in Spanish, and it is a metaphor of our desire and fear to have something more: we want to fly, but first we want to to know more about it.

This is a woman ready to change everything in her life, she is still doubting, but we also are sure she soon will take off. This piece has a black and green patina, the classical bronze colors.

The black patina is made from the green one, after the burning process, so magical and mystical.

This piece is a unique bronze sculpture, one of a kind. You can see another winged woman here: Angel, in a smaller scale.

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