Surreal sculptures by Francesca Dalla Benetta

Stay home


55 x 15 x 11 cm (HxWxD) - 8 kg

Single piece



STAY HOME is a bronze sculpture of a curvy woman with houses and flowered hair.

Stay home was made during Covid-19, with the message to stay safe and take care. As many of Francesca’s pieces, she is a woman body. The title home remember us that our body is our home, our sacred temple, and no matter what, it protect us, gives us a permanent home.
This piece is a celebration of the beauty of the body, of any body, even if it’s not perfect, even if we find flaws on it. Our body always stays by our side and has our back.

This piece is part of a special collection Francesca Dalla Benetta started in 2018, called Customs and Identities, and it is a reflection about how many costumes we wear in front of people, the society, family and so on. We have roles that are different for each person we meet in life, so we try to adapt and respond to that particular role. Sometime we align, sometimes we react. That’s how we build our personality.

This piece has a black and green patina. The black patina is made from the green one, after the burning process, so magical and mystical.

This is a unique piece, one of a kind!

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